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Diabetes And Treatment


Diabetes is a disease whereby the blood sugar levels of an individual are very high such that the normal functioning of the body is affected. There are different causes of diabetes but the most common one is that it is caused by genetics. This is a disease therefore that can be passed from one person to another through genes. Diabetic individuals are unable to do the normal functions that you should be able to do. Diabetes is mostly common in old people. However in the recent times, this is slowly changing. Nowadays, even young people are contracting the disease. Diabetes can be a killer disease if it is not treated early. For example some diabetic patients have suffered from blindness because the disease was not treated well. There are different types of this disease for example we have type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.


There are some symptoms that you should be on the look out for so that you can know whether you have diabetes or not. For example diabetics tend to excrete a lot of urine because their bodies are unable to retain water. Another symptom of this disease is dehydration. This is attributed to the fact that most of the water is removed from the body by urination leaving little or none of it at all. Know more about diabetes blood test.


Fatigue is also another sign of this disease,this is because the diabetic is unable to eat well and thus they become weak. Because diabetes lead to a loss of appetite, then most patients do not eat as it is required, they tend to lose a lot of weight and hence you will find most of them are skinny. However, the good news is that there risk some treatment and if detected early, then you can completely heal from this disease. We have insulin shots that these patients inject themselves with so as to keep the blood sugar levels in check.  Learn how to read blood glucometer in


In order to detect the sugar levels, they use a diabetic strip and they are able to monitor how the sugar levels are. They are calibrated so that you can read and determine. Once opened, these strips are usable for up to 3-6 months. We have some assistance programs that offer these strips for free to the patients. They are also cheap and you can afford them. They are however not always accurate due to interplay of some factors such as blood components that have sugar. Check out blood glucose test for more info.